Roofkits Ltd - Architectural Thermal Roof, Orangeries and Conservatory kit Solutions for the trade. 

Roofkits Ltd - Architectural Thermal Roof, Orangeries and Conservatory kit Solutions for the trade. 


LEKA Conservatory Roof Kits

Complete conservatory supplied in LEKA kit form.
Complete conservatory supplied in LEKA kit form.

A detailed list of construction for LEKA. 


The outer tile finish of the Leka System is offered with ‘either’

a) A Tapco tile finish, made of a blend of plastics and imported from America. This tile has

been tested over many years and offers a 40 year warranty that protects against cracking, warping and from the tile losing its unique/authentic colour. A genuine lightweight slate alternative. Comes with a variety of colour finishes

b) A metrotile finish, made as an offering that contains Aluzinc, steel and natural stone chip granules (to name a few) this tile replicates concrete tiling and also comes with a 40 year warranty and comes with a variety of colour finishes.


This covering board is truly unique in every way and offers the following benefits:

a) Two sides of high grade ABS. This offers strength up to a meter wide span under loads of

29 stones centre without breaking. Also offering 100% water proof technology.

b) The ability to retain our screws thread at either side and provides significant strength in

holding tiles to the leka external boards under wind loads and force.

c) The centre foam core is made up of XPS closed cell formula.

The term ‘Closed cell’ simply means that the system has an impermeable barrier against water/moisture and does not absorb either. The XPS is not only water tight but offers a thermal efficiency level or ‘r Value that aids the Leka System in achieving its U Values of 0.15.

Each screw binds around the XPS centre foam core, dis-allowing water transfer around

the thread of the screw.

d) Above all the Leka external board is 1/3 the weight of a standard marine plywood sheet.


a) The entire layer of the leka external board is covered with a breathable membrane

b) This is used so as to ensure you can work in all weather conditions with the aim of

getting a weather proof roof in your first day

c) The membrane is overlapped where it needs to be joined and also overhangs the ring



Leka only uses the very best insulation and prides itself on using the best core components. The 130mm depth of the Insulation has the following benefits:

a) A better ‘r Value’ helping achieve a better energy value to the overall Leka System

b) In our opinion, a stronger brand

c) BBA approval


Foiled insulation tape provides a vapour barrier between the external boards and the underside of the insulation, this is applied between the celotex and the GRP roof rafters.


The Leka internal board is unique in many ways, these being

a) A third the weight of an equivalent depth traditional plasterboard

b) Thermally efficient, containing ‘r Values’ to aid towards the Leka systems overall U Value

c) 100% impermeable against water and moisture absorption

d) Can be spanned up to 1m wide due to the patented finish of the board.

e) Treated exactly like plasterboard, thus needing to be primed with PVA or equivalent, and

scrim tape applied before plastering.

f) Internal board cut sheets are supplied with every job to allow simply cutting of boards

on floor before offering up to ceiling.


The GRP structure is the most innovative offering in the conservatory roof market to date and is the only one of its kind in the UK. The benefits are as follows:

a) A higher tensile strength than steel. This means in basic form that steel will fail/buckle before GRP will

b) Extremely lightweight alternative to steel, timber, aluminium

c) No condensation such as alternative aluminium products

d) No thermal bridging such as alternative aluminium products

e) No moisture absorption such as timber products